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JEERS To drivers who speed down a side street to the stop sign at the corner, stopping only if they have to and only after crossing the stop bar, the crosswalk and the curb line…they’re an accident looking for a place to happen!

JEERS to the flocks of geese and the icky green carpet they leave behind

CHEERS to neighbors who thoughtfully and promptly remove their trash/recycle/compost from the bike lane or sidewalk instead of just storing them there for days at a time!

CHEERS to drivers who keep hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and their car in one lane…I see some of them every day!

CHEERS to drivers who see me on my bike and even extend a measure of courtesy and safe passage beyond what’s required!

Jeers to a pharmacy chain for charging $600 for a prescription. Another local pharmacy filled the same order for $33.24. What a crime.

Jeers to people who go stomping off to their computers to write a jeers every time they encounter rude drivers or store clerks. Based on the style of writing, it’s a safe guess that the same person is submitting these jeers week after week, month after month. OK, drivers in Idaho aren’t perfect, but they’re better than the ones in Georgia.

Cheers: A big thank you to Wayne Hoffman for his article in the Idaho Press on February 11, 2020, regarding property taxes. We citizens of Canyon County need to send a strong message to the tax and spend folks over at the Canyon County Court House and to rein in this attitude of raising taxes to satisfy their greed for more and more tax dollars. Many senior citizens including my own house hold, are sick and tired of those that want to tax the citizens of Canyon County into oblivion. We have seen our own property taxes more than double in the past 10 years. May I suggest that taxing limits be established for those of us that are living on fixed incomes, like Social Security and other sources of fixed incomes that these fine folks cannot be taxed any more than a 3% property tax increase per year be put into place for senior citizens over the age of 65 and over and have limited fixed incomes.

Jeers to the internet in Homedale, Idaho because its the worse and we need a new internet service.

Jeers to Idaho Press article on the cost of an electric fire engine vs. the cost of a combustion engine. “A bit more” for an electric engine at $1,200,000 versus a gas combustion engine at $600,000 is 100% more, not “a bit more”. Just in case you still don’t get it the electric fire engine is double the cost of the gas combustion engine.

JEERS to the city of Boise!! Do we here in Idaho no longer subscribe to BUY AMERICAN? Can we NOT use MORE JOBS here in the USA? Way to much money for an EXPERIMENTLE ELECTRIC TRUCK to add to our city Fire Department!! Let them USE it where they MADE it! BUY our department BETTER equipment and HIRE more men with the rest of the DOUBLE COST EXPERIMENT fire truck!!

Jeers to the person who took the bag marked “ARC” from the area around Mom’s mail box. This bag contained clothes Mom felt she didn’t need anymore, but thought someone else might use. If you needed the clothes that bad, we would have given them to you. If you were just being a thief, shame on you. Remember, what goes around, comes around. You may be a victim some day also.

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