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Jeers to public school administrators’ undue infatuation with classroom technology. A study reportedly published in MIT Technology Review confirms classroom teachers’ every-day experience that students do worse learning through laptops, tablets, etc., especially at lower grades. The negative effects are particularly pronounced for “vulnerable students”, e.g., “ELL” (English Language Learners) students, who are disproportionately consigned to digital teaching devices.

Jeers to the cashiers or store workers that cannot take the time to make simple change with cash. We are those type of folks that like to pay for small purchases with CASH not a debit or credit card. When we purchase a beverage at a gas station or fast food establishment the total is $1.05. We give the cashier $2.00 in paper money. SO many times they take the 5 cents out of a cup by the cash register. They give me back a $1.00. I should be thrilled that I made 5 cents. Please process our money.

Jeers: Since when did the speed limit on Caldwell Blvd in Nampa become 50? JEERS to impatient drivers who do Not stop for Anything like a a dog in the street or pedestrians? Do not honk and speed around me when you are in the wrong!

Jeers to NO left marked turn lane on 6th Ave S, turning onto 1st St S in Nampa at the bottom of the bridge! Other cars cannot seem to see your turn signal blinking! Today the car coming behind us, swerved to the right lane at the last minute, not wanting to stop behind us. The truck tailgating him slammed on his breaks and swerved to Not Hit us! Very scary and the cars behind the truck would not have been able to stop either! Please add a Left TURN Lane there, before someone gets killed!

Cheers to the North West Science Museum for moving from Boise to the Gateway Mall in Nampa. A larger building and a better location make this fantastic creation museum a great place to visit.

Both: Regarding the DEV section, especially as pertains to single home real estate trends, the graphics provided for Ada and Elmore Counties can be read. The Canyon County visual is often outdated/redundant and always unreadable.

CHEERS TO THE AMERICAN FLAG, WHICH IS RED, WHITE AND BLUE. That’s THREE colors, not just one. It’s three colors working together, not just one working alone for itself. It’s strength and courage, peace, purity and protection, and truth. Not just power or control. Think about it!

Jeers: If you drive the speed limit, you may never have a wreck, there are no cars in around you. Jeers to the cars that tailgate! We drive the speed limit. Instead of being mad, You should thank us! We save your tail from getting speeding tickets.

Jeers to all stores: Front row parking belongs to the elderly and handicap and that is it! Not to On-Line Shoppers! I have a sore legs, yet am not “disabled” I get dressed, walk into the stores. No one gives me up front parking! People shop at home, park and sit up front, in their pajamas, and Wait to be Waited on! They do not even get out of their car! Why do they need to be up front? These people do not move their bodies. They need to park far away instead of taking parking places from those in need.

Cheers to A Gem Supply in Caldwell for providing excellent customer service in helping us select and set up a security system for our farm. We don’t know much about technology and their patience was amazing.

Jeers to the new people moving to Ada County that think our farm and ditch banks exist for their recreational entertainment and routinely ignore our no trespassing signs; thereby requiring us to buy a security system.

Cheers to Betsy Russell for her commitment to providing truthful reporting. I am a life-long resident of Ada County, well into my sixth decade. Betsy’s reporting has always been spot on, especially in dealing with some not-so-forth-coming public agencies.

CHEERS to the dedicated volunteers at the Nampa Library for the great sales they provide at The Friends of the Library bookstore, located in the lobby of the library. For February all cookbooks are half off!! It’s a short month so hurry in and get a good deal on cookbooks to inspire great wintertime meals for your family and friends!!

Jeers to nowadays Doctors! Insurances and we pay physicians to care for our health needs. However, whenever tests are done such as blood, MRI, ultrasound, fecal or urine analysis, Etc. Doctors do not call patients anymore, they make patients wait until their next appointment which is, in most cases, at least three months to discuss the results. No wonder people die under Doctors’ care. If there is a reason to have tests done doctors need to take responsibility and contact their patients to discuss the results. Some test results cannot wait three months or more to be diagnosed.

JEERS to all of the people who place their trash and recycling bins in the middle of their sidewalks. This is inconsiderate, against HOA rules (where they apply), and also again the law. It can also be dangerous, sometimes forcing pedestrians and children into the street, especially for people with disabilities or in wheelchairs. CHEERS to all who remind their neighbors to be considerate and not block the sidewalks.

Jeers to the Nampa public library. The outside automatic door opener has been broken and not worked for months. It looks like the city can’t afford to fix it and it is an makes it harder to open the door from a wheel chair. I mentioned this in the library comment box but it’s still broken. When will it be fixed?

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