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Cheers to the city of Caldwell for the completion of the 10th Street bridge project, it looks great as expected and definitely adds glamour in conjunction with the other projects Caldwell has done. The Christmas lights are tremendous as always, makes me very proud to be a citizen of our great and growing little town.

Jeers to teachers who constantly complain about their salaries. There are a lot of people who work just as hard as you do and make less money. To them, you come across as spoiled whiners. If you don’t believe you’re making enough money, find a career that pays what you think you should be making. It’s a free country. No one is forcing you to be a teacher.

Jeers to refuse companies who replace our heavy duty dumpster carts that have dome-shaped lids with lightweight dumpster carts that have flat concave lids. Whatever season, however much it snows, blows or rains, dumpster carts that have dome-shaped lids that fit over the whole top keep the inside of the carts clean and dry. The lightweight, flat concave lids that sit on top of the dumpster carts create sloppy wet messes inside the cart. Every time the cart is moved or opened rain, debris and snow splash into the back of the cart and all over us.

CHEERS to Larry LaRocco. Thank you so much for your op-ed in Sunday’s paper. One of the best I’ve seen. Thoughtful, frank but not rude, insightful, and knowledgeable. I voted for you once, and I’d vote for you again.

Cheers to Angela, our Idaho Press carrier, for the excellent delivery service for the past five (approximately) weeks. Never a wet paper or one hiding in the bushes but easy to reach each morning. She often gathers the WSJ up too. We appreciate her early morning efforts.

CHEERS Christmas Angels. Last week at Winco, I shopped in an electric cart. At checkout I was between two other customers when suddenly I remembered that the store doesn’t accept credit cards. My checkbook and cash were home. Humiliated, I tried to exit out of line when the couple behind me said “we want to buy your groceries” and the couple in front of me also shared some cash. “tears”. I’m 91 and just lost my husband last year, feeling a little lonely at Christmas. You acted beyond your own need to help a lonely total stranger. Blessings and thanks!

Cheers to 107.9 Lite FM for being the station we can depend on every year for 24/7 holiday music throughout the season beginning at Thanksgiving. Only two things interrupt the joyous cheer spread across the air; the Christmas music abruptly ends Christmas night. We would like to hear holiday music continuously through New Year’s Day. Another interruption of our joyous listening is the overkill repeating of Christmas wishes that have already been aired. This is frustrating in general, especially on Christmas Day, but it’s also a slap in the face for the loyal listeners who were denied hopeful Christmas wishes.

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