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Cheers to Travis, Nate and Jason at TVR. We found ourselves in a terrible dilemma with the holiday fast approaching. After making many calls, Travis at TVR not only was sympathetic to our situation, he was able to send his guys over fairly soon. Nate and Jason surveyed our problem and fixed it in a timely manner. Their attention to detail, professionalism and courteousness was well appreciated. FIRST CLASS customer service.

Cheers to ParkBOI for providing free parking garage parking during the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. The Volunteers for the Saint Alphonsus Festival of Trees especially appreciated this generous gesture of support.

Jeers to Pharmacies who change the brands of our medications without notifying us and expecting us to accept the changes. Pharmacists tell us that all brands are alike. They are not, changing medication Brands is like wearing a Nike shoe on one foot and Reebok on the other. Both feet are covered with a shoe but each shoe looks, feels, and performs differently. Changing medication brands is far more dangerous to our health than they will admit. It can cause many reactions including rejection of the medication which then causes health problems that cause us to take more medications.

Jeers to people who take their dogs to the grocery store and put them in the grocery cart. It is bad enough to bring your non-service-trained dog to the grocery store (some people are afraid of them or allergic to them), but to put them in the grocery cart, with their little behinds sitting where someone else is going to put their food? That is disgusting!

Cheers to the Tuesday November 19th Jeer concerning doctor and medical appointments being scheduled for one time, being told to arrive at another time and then being scolded for arriving reasonably before your appointment time. it’s a constantly stressful guessing game, One appointment time is sufficient. I and many people get the same ridiculously rude treatment. If medical staff are late or excuse themselves they expect us to keep our mouths shut and accept their lateness with gratitude. We pay our physicians and their staff to treat us respect. Without us they wouldn’t have jobs! Respect goes both ways.

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