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Cheers for cheers! Thank you to those who take the time to praise, compliment, and express kudos for the wonderful people and events in their lives. During the last few weeks, it’s been heart warming to read more cheers than jeers. Daily blessings abound, and it’s important to share the good news! Hopefully, if we keep the positive comments coming, they will encourage others to do the same!

Jeers to a grocery store chain. They have gone from user-friendly fuel delivery for your automobile to a mess.

Cheers to two real stand out businesses in Nampa. Idaho Youth Ranch and Savers Thrift store in Nampa. Recently I purchased 35 children’s bicycles from these two stores. They gave me a very generous discount when I told them I was donating them to the Boise Bicycle Project for children to help them have a great Christmas. They were anxious and really happy to do it. A big shout to BBP for the great job they are doing. Great stuff in today’s world. Thanks to all who help make this happen. Merry Christmas and God Bless you. Just a Grandpa of 57.

Jeers to way our world that has become so selfish and corrupt because to many are being forgotten as with the homeless and the human rights of Venezuela and Hong Kong but it is all about profit. Jeers to the lack of accountability because our world is crashing into chaos and anarchy but will only get worse because to many incite violence and riots and it will hurt the innocent and destroy a world into rubble and dust. Jeers because the world is caught up into deceit and lies and it will be our undoing.

Cheers to the cashier at Eagle Trader’s Joe. My friends mentioned we had lunch to celebrate my friend’s birthday. He presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Cheers to the lighting display again this year on the Nampa City Hall building wishing us a Merry Christmas. What a bright spot in my day. It’s Nampa’s most cheerful & thoughtful way to bring a smile to us. Thanks folks at city hall for continuing this Christmas tradition.

Cheers to the Idaho Press for your editorial policy. I appreciate that your regular opinion contributors — Wayne Hoffman, Judy Ferro, Jim Jones, Chuck Malloy and Randy Stapilus — represent a diverse array of opinions. I don’t agree with all the opinions shared, but do believe it is important to know and understand the various opinions of Idahoans. I regularly research the facts cited to support their various opinions and find it interesting that some opinions are not factually based. Thank you for your policy that supports freedom of diverse speech.

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