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Jeers to the paper’s title of the July 28th guest columnist Judy Ferro’s piece being titled “Top Idaho concern: Coronavirus and schools”. The title sucks you in but what was actually written was merely slamming our president and republicans. Shameful!!! Why do you invite such a guest all the time? Her opinion seems to always be negative. We don’t need any more negative.

CHEERS to those we know will perform CPR for 30 plus minutes while wearing plastic gowns, gloves, N95 masks and face shields.

JEERS to those who refuse to wear a cloth face mask but will want that same paramedic/EMT when they contract COVID.

CHEERS to the paramedics, firemen, police & the nice lady with the white towel who helped me after my MVA on Thursday, July 9th. CHEERS also to the physicians, nurses & staff at St. Al’s for all their care & kindness. You are all HEROES!

Jeers! You know construction is going on again, by the number of screws and nails laying around on the city streets. Thanks! You really shouldn’t lay them on the pickup tool box lids.

Cheers to the Boise Library for their compassionate service to the homeless population during this time of extreme heat! With the COVID19 lockdowns there are very few places these folks can get out of the heat. I hope the wonderful people at the Nampa Public Library will follow suit!

Jeers to the writer/editor responsible for the headline “Nezperce County officials declare emergency ahead of Bundy-led rally”. It wasn’t Nezperce County that declared the emergency even though the accused is being held in the Nezperce County jail in Lewiston. It was the town of Nezperce, Lewis County, Idaho, that declared the emergency. Please double check your information before publishing erroneous information. Another example of how little those in south Idaho really know about the rest of the state.

Jeers to whomever is in charge of the 2020 “Best of Meridian” for allowing a family fun zone into the Best Golf Course category.

Thank you Caldwell city employees for keeping the parks looking so good. The Plaza & Indian Creek are always pristine. The flags on the plaza added a great deal to the atmosphere. Thank you veterans for the flag display at Memorial Park on July 4th. The Scottish bagpipe players were wonderful. Keep up the good work of keeping Caldwell beautiful and a great place to live!

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