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Cheers to the Idaho Press for bringing back Wayne Hoffman’s commentaries.

Cheers: Many many thanks to the thoughtful person who found my son’s Nevada drivers license. He lost it Aug 2 when he was rafting the Boise river. I believed if someone found it they would tell the police. But this person dropped It in a mailbox. My son is so appreciative.

Cheers to Alex Jones of Boise for his letter on August 19, 2020 entitled “Simple Fixes” regarding fixing our property tax rules with four simple adjustments. Right on the money Alex.

Cheers to the college football conferences that will be playing games this year! The players want to play. The fans want to watch. It’s an important part of our national well-being and psyche. Life is meant to be lived; we are meant to live, not just exist. MSNBC wants you to hide under your bed until Joe Biden is elected. Balderdash, I say! This virus didn’t turn out to be the zombie apocalypse we feared it would be. That’s a good thing. Let’s celebrate with some football!

Jeers to those people who can’t seem to wear a mask correctly. Your nose must be covered, unless you are a total mouth breather. No, hanging your mask from one ear doesn’t count, neither does wearing it around your chin. I remember when the first “no shoes, no shirt, no service” signs went up. There was wailing and whining then too. The proprietors have a right to make those rules and to ask you to leave if you don’t comply. Sorry you have issues with wearing a mask, suck it up buttercup.

Cheers to the Boise School District’s administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students for their courage, kindness, grace, and patience in the first week of virtual, synchronous online learning. Yes, there were bumps and potholes along the way, and no, things did not go flawlessly, but everyone pulled together for an unprecedented and overall successful start of the school year. Truly “Everything [and apparently anything] is Possible.”

Jeers: In Nampa, 2nd St S from the dog park, clear to 16th Ave is not a Speedway! Cars fly thru this street. Speed limit is 35! Not 50! Those cars continue to Speed into Downtown Nampa. Speed drops to 20mph! Big Signs, no one cares! No Patrolling, so it must be ok to do this, They are never caught!!

Cheers for Construction lights on Northside in Nampa/Freeway. We vote to change ALL Signal Lights like this! One way gets a green light, green arrow. Then the next side goes. Glorified 4-way stop. Would eliminate the Very Inconsistent yellow lights that flash or Don’t Flash! Less Accidents! What a Solution!

Jeers to the City of Meridian Parks and Recreation for allowing Tully Park to burn up with many patches of brown grass while there is irrigation for the park available.

ommend Boise motorcycle patrolman Shem Riley for his friendly helpful offer to help me get my bicycle back into my SUV after a recent long ride. His help and concern for this over-weight old Vietnam era Army vet (I was an MP) was much appreciated. It was so welcome to have this gentlemen there to help and uplifting after reading so much negative news about our law enforcement personnel. Thank You Shem.

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