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Jeers to reporters whose idea of “journalism” is monitoring Twitter and writing stories about it “erupting” when some person of public note says this or that. That isn’t news. Twitter is a tiny sampling of self-righteous whiners with no marketable skills or talent, who sit around looking for something to complain about, or someone with whom they disagree whose lives it has become their sacred mission to destroy. They are the Woke Taliban. The Woke Inquisition. What they say IS NOT NEWS. Get out your office, turn off your phones and do some actual reporting. Please and thank you.

Cheers: I would like to commend the editors of the Idaho Press for their decision to place the story of Biden’s Democratic VP pick, Kamala Harris, on the Obituary page! Was this a subliminal wish for the demise of the Democratic Party?

Jeers to the local TV stations that bombarding the viewers with a certain gutter commercial, sometimes 3 to 4 times during a half hour program. It is very annoying hearing and seeing the same commercial over and over again.

Cheers to the other patients at Terry Reilly Health Services recently when not one, but three, of them motioned me to go into the clinic before them.

Jeers to the couple at the Caldwell Walmart who recently yelled loud & harassing comments from their parked SUV as my husband unloaded my powerchair from the back of our car in the heat. Usually in that very parking lot one or more people stop & offer to help, but this day we were treated to verbal abuse instead. Not everybody’s disability is the same & not everybody uses the same mobile devices. It seemed to me all of your disabilities may not have been discernible to the eye.

Cheers to Frank Siller, CEO of Tunnel to Towers who lost a fire-fighter brother on 9/11. He stepped up to guarantee that the “9/11 Tribute in Light” from Ground Zero that shoots two blue lights four miles into the New York City sky will definitely happen. After it was announced that this annual remembrance had to be canceled due to covid-19, Tunnel to Towers is hiring out-of-work Broadway technicians and others who have worked on this in prior years to ensure that we will never forget that fateful day and all who gave their lives. God Bless the USA!

Jeers to anyone that votes for an incumbent to our Congress on either side of the isle!!

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