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Jeers to Nampa High School. The message board in front has had athletics misspelled all summer. It is pathetic that either no staff member has noticed or that none of them know enough to correct it.

Cheers: To Becci Carmack, Meridian. I commend you for your intelligent well-written letter (8/5). You are an ambassador for the 1st Amendment.

Jeers: Driving on I-84 in Nampa an accident had occurred with some bikers. Both lanes merged into one to go around. Next thing I know there is some guy on a motorcycle passing everyone by making his own lane driving on the far right side outside the lane. Then, here come 2 cars doing the same thing. These poor guys had just had an accident, your rude behavior is disgusting. I thought the cops will stop them and issue some tickets but no, Jeers to the cops for doing nothing, chatting away while laws are broken right in front of you!

Jeers! I can’t believe it when I see people that are pretty well off with clothes with holes in them… when I was growing up it was an embarrassment to wear clothes with holes not to mention it went against the school dress code. Yes we had a dress code strictly enforced!! And I am still alive today to tell of it.

Cheers to the crew of Republic Sanitation. I was setting out the garbage can the other morning and when I glanced down the alley, I noticed our not very tidy neighbors had tossed two bags of garbage over their back fence into the alley. Before I had a chance to pick it up, the truck had come through and cleaned up after them. Thank you for doing much more than the job requires. We appreciate your efforts.

Jeers to banks for closing so early! We cannot get to a bank even on Saturdays before they close. It is difficult enough dealing with all other places closing and barring customers. Most banks do not allow us inside anyway and we cannot infect you through cameras! The least banks & employees can do is show respect for us and keep normal business hours behind your safety glass and cameras for the clients who invest in the banks, employees and their jobs. Without us and our money there would be no banks or employees. Think about that for a minute.

Jeers to the Canyon County commissioners who won’t be happy until the entire county is a paved parking lot.

JEERS to the businesses and places who are open to the public yet lock up your restrooms from those who support you! Did it EVER cross your minds that YOU could be promoting the spread of coronavirus?! How are we to stay hygiene-clean and keep our hands washed if you blockade us from the restrooms? People going in & out and touching everything on the shelves besides breathing the same air, without the ability to use restrooms and wash hands, creates a breeding ground for sickness. Stop being so ignorant, support customers who support you and open your restrooms.

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