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Cheers: Thank you Nampa Community. Thank you Nampa School District! Because of the supportive community NSD has been able to provide online instruction to all students during this challenging time. Although it is a learning curve for everyone-we are blessed to be able to do this. I know teachers who are so sad not to be able to be with the kids-and kids who miss and need school-not just for the educational benefits but for the love and safety they feel at school. Although talking with each other through the computer is not the same-it gives a boost to both.

JEERS to the wording on the headline of the commentary submitted by Mr. Christensen (page C2 Sunday, March 29). The headline should have read “Religious Freedom protects the rights of all”. The commentary managed to include all people, not just “believers”, and in fact, the rights of the unbelievers are just as protected as those of the believer, regardless of what they may or may not believe, or how they choose to believe, or not. Freedom OF religion does not exclude anybody, nor does it favor any religious choice. What it means, more than anything else, is that no religion will control the government, nor will it be controlled by the government. Feel free to believe what you want. Don’t force it on anybody else. Believe it or not.

Cheers: I would like to add a ‘Cheers’ to Dan Prinzing’s editorial. Thank you and good work!

Cheers: Thank you for the wonderful pay-it-forward I received on Wednesday April 1st (no fooling) at Walmart. You were gone before I knew you had left the money with the checker. Your kindness will be cherished. God Bless You.

Cheers! My wife and I are fortunate enough that we have a fixed retirement income adequate for our needs. The unexpected $1,200 that we are each receiving for the coronavirus stimulus will be distributed to those folks who have lost their incomes and have no money, or a reduced amount of money, for basic needs. Many other Americans are in the same category – our needs are met regardless of the employment rate or stock market. Those of us who are so extremely fortunate can distribute the unexpected approximate $1,200 we will be receiving to those less fortunate.

CHEERS to both the Nampa & Vallivue school district lunch programs for providing meals for our kids during this difficult time & DOING something to help rather than sitting on their hinies & complaining.

Cheers: I’m not a golfer, but I’m glad Red Hawk is open. Only one or two golfers ride together, and social distancing is easy on the course. People are getting outside and exercising, and this is a good thing.

JEERS X 100 to the hoarders. A day after a TV national news person said toilet paper was made only in a factory in China the store shelves were empty and have empty ever since. A 5 to 10 minute search would reveal there are 3 TP factories in Idaho, one of them reputed to be the biggest in the world. And 2 in Oregon. Your greed is obvious. Also think of the extra trees you are causing to be cut down to satisfy your greed.

Cheers to all the people fearlessly working at the grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and retail stores. These people are right there face to face with all the customers who come in to buy the things that they need. Thank you to the truck drivers, warehouse workers, and delivery people. Thank you to the tradesmen, repair shops, and all the others who are still working. Jeers to the self-serving members of the Idaho Legislature for rushing to quit early, and not even finishing the work they had to do. Remember this come reelection time.

Cheers, cheers and more cheers to all the Hollywooders who were generous enough to sing us a song to help in our time of need. What a sacrifice that must have been for you! Actually, here’s an even better idea. How about busting out your checkbook and writing a check for a couple mil to help the millions who have lost their jobs. Your little songs are cute, but they don’t pay bills. God knows you can afford it. If you claim to care so much about the poor, then put your money where your mouth is.

Cheers to all the essential workers who keep the shelves stocked and wait on patrons trying to get the essentials they really need.

Jeers to the people that flock to the stores in a big group. Can’t just ONE of you go?

Jeers to the Treasure Valley scam artists who file fraudulent unemployment claims when they have not worked for the business for 2 1/2 years. Obviously you are cheating the system that is trying to help those who were actually employed. Clearly you are very dishonest. Shame on you.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for its choice of cartoons. For years, I have endured “Zits,” with its uncouth slacker of a son ruling the household, and as a Christian, I have often been offended by “Cornered,” with its periodic jabs at my Lord and my faith, the April 3 panel being a prime example. What finally caused me to write to you is the current lesbian theme in “Luann.” If I wanted to, I could see perverted sex on the majority of network TV shows. Can’t you do better?

Jeers to all the businesses who are using Coronavirus COVID-19 as a marketing advertisement and taking advantage of the real fears of the people and communities around them. This is a ruthless thing to do in times like this when people and businesses need to be helping each other instead of taking advantage of the situation for financial and personal gain. It is tiring and irritating to continuously hear all of these Radios and TV advertisements about how heartfelt businesses are helping people when, in fact, they’re raking in money by purposely and premeditatedly taking advantage of this crisis.

Jeers: WHY do we have to hear the SAME questions over & over again about the corona virus?? Does the media think I am so stupid that I don’t know if & when they get a cure they will be SHOUTING it loud & clear!!! The media can take a WONDERFUL cause & BEAT IT TO DEATH with their round the clock repeating questions!! They actually make us HATE whatever the cause is!!!

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