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Jeers! I went shopping at a local discount grocery early, on Easter Sunday morning. You could not tell there was any type of social distancing in place. Most people were not even wearing masks. Sad, but true.

Cheers to the Idaho Press for adding the Boredom Busters page. It shows you stick to your mission of entertaining us while we are staying home. Thank you.

Cheers to people who have made “TP4P”. They have extended their toilet paper supplies and saved a lot of money. TP4P is an old tee shirt cut in toilet paper sized pieces and used for “liquid waste” wiping. To wash and dry the TP4P, put the pieces in a lingerie bag. This way, they stay together in the washer and dryer.

Jeers: Visited a very large Nampa auto dealership today. Service department is open. No precautions at all being taken, no distancing, no masks, no cleaning of surfaces, pens, clipboards. If your employees do not respect social distancing and roll their eyes at me because I am wearing a mask, I will not be back. I am a nurse, I know how serious all this could be. Please respect those of us who care about the rest of the community. Otherwise I will not be back to your business.

JEERS After listening to Governor Little’s press conference I was taken aback at the number of ridicules questions asked of him. Would you want to be in his position? He does not have a crystal ball for predictions for how Covid-19 will act, but using logical thinking (do you have any). Worry about hair & nails and doggy clips and Not dying? Why WON’T you open your eyes? Move to New York. It is what it is. The world Does Not revolve around You.

Jeers to the local tv stations that bombarding the viewers with a certain gutter commercial, sometimes 3 to 4 times during a half hour program. it is very annoying hearing and seeing the same commercial over and over again.

Cheers to the beautiful day we had on Friday, April 17. The drive -ins were packed, the traffic was wild , long lines at the stores to get in-----oh wait- we’re suppose to be at home in seclusion- Jeers to these same people. remember this isn’t over yet.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for the placement of notices on how to obtain absentee ballots for the upcoming primary election. Something as important as a citizen’s right to vote deserves the information be front page news, not buried in the Editorial Section. Editor’s note: While information about the all-absentee ballot election on May 19 has run on our Opinion page and inside news pages, we’ve also had multiple front-page stories on the subject, on March 31, April 1, April 16 and April 17.

JEERS to the protesters claiming their constitutional rights are being violated, due to stay at home orders. All of them crowded together at statehouse. I bet when a bunch get the Corona virus they won’t be complaining anymore. CHEERS to everyone following the safe distancing and wearing masks. I am one of the people that fall into the serious health issues.

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