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Jeers to the person who complained about the content of the cartoons in the IPT. If you don’t like them or they offend your belief system... don’t read them. Cheers to the IPT for recognizing that you have a diverse readership. Thank you for publishing for us all.

Cheers to the city of Caldwell’s very own singing janitor. We really appreciate having clean bathrooms to use while we are out walking the Greenbelt. Thank you city of Caldwell for keeping the park bathrooms open and thank you to the very nice lady who keeps them clean with a smile and a song for everyone you are really appreciated. We need more people like her in this world!

Cheers to Tim Woodward and Jim Jones. Thank you Idaho Press for printing these wonderful, intelligent columns. Really love them both, and of course, love the Idaho Press.

Jeers to these people who call anyone who buys toilet paper a “hoarder”. Since there is usually a one package limit I fail to see how that constitutes hoarding. And using the comment about wasting trees is so ridiculous. Those trees are from tree farms, not forests

Jeers! I see all these people that are worried about spreading the virus... then I see all these people that don’t wear masks.

Cheers to the young couple at Garrity Winco who had the cashier apply a $100.00 gift card to our purchase.

Jeers to the local weather person who chose to disregard the stay at home order WE ALL are following, while he goes out and rents a tool to make his back yard “like a golf course”. Guess some folks think stay at home applies only to some of us who take it dead serious.

Cheers to the Rotter family because I’ve been very sick and taken by ambulance twice to the hospital and they all have come to my aid and helped my brother and I in so many ways and we greatly appreciate all the help. Cheers to the Rotter family because they are kind and compassionate but most of all when I’ve been sick or my brother they have been there for us like angels looking over us and that makes Easter worthwhile and makes you more grateful knowing people care.

Cheers to the struggling restaurants that have shown tremendous flexibility so that people can easily & safely buy food when store shelves were lacking the key ingredients to put a meal together & keeping kids busy took the culinary creativity out of me. A $34 Family Meal @ PandaExpress was $20 ordered online! Similar deals from other local fast favorites are awesome right now!

Jeers to the Press Tribune for abbreviating the word Obituaries in your online web page. The passing of a loved one deserves at least a minimal amount of respect from you.

Cheers: To the lady who gave me her hard won package of toilet tissue in the Caldwell Albertson parking lot. Thanks for your kindness and generosity. We “regifted” it to a large family with many children in our neighborhood.

Cheers, and a fond, bittersweet farewell, to freedom. We now have people calling 911 to rat out their neighbors for having the audacity to leave their homes. We have public officials encouraging them to do so. We have Idaho mayors threatening to have cops pull people over and asking them why they’re out in their cars and not locked away in their homes. Farewell, freedom. We hardly knew ye.

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