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Cheers to Saltzer Medical Group for segmenting Covid vaccinations based on oldest age rather than everyone above 65 is now eligible for a vaccination. As this is written, Saltzer is accepting appointments for those age 80 and above. I assume it will drop the age as time goes on. But that is a much better system than everyone over 65 is now eligible, which has created a nightmare for older senior citizens as well as those providing the vaccine.

Cheers to whoever cleaned the roadsides on the west and south sides of Lake Lowell, much appreciated.

Cheers to The Idaho Press Tribune for frequently publishing the “Locally Elected Officials” page. It reminds both new and long-time residents who represents them in public policy issues and how to get in touch with these officials to provide our individual input.

Cheers to Family Medicine Health Center in Nampa. Received my COVID vaccine there and they were very organized, friendly and efficient and I was in and out before my appointment time.

Cheers to St. Alphonsus Medical System for their wonderful Covid immunization program. The organization at the Villages is incredible, their staff superb and totally efficient.

Cheers to the medical staff from Gowan Field, who are supplementing the St. Al’s staff for inoculations. We thank you for your service and your stepping up to help the community with this vital function.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for not covering the District III 4A SIC wrestling tournament in Caldwell on 2/19 and 2/20. Over 180 local athletes were ignored by your incompetence. The information could have easily been reported in the Sunday (2/21) paper. Removing the untimely puff piece on the haggard and hapless Vandals would have given you the print space needed. Please try to use better discretion in the future. The local fans deserve better than this.

Cheers to my wonderful neighbors, Kurt and Denise, who shoveled and plowed my large driveway for three days! Thank you.

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