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Cheers to the stranger who helped us. My husband fell in a parking lot and couldn’t get up. I couldn’t lift him by myself. A car zipped into an adjoining parking space and a man ran over to us. Together we got him up. He steadied my husband while I unlocked the car and opened the door. As I helped him into the car, the man took off. We both called out our thanks, I hope he heard. In today’s world we’re not supposed to get close to anyone, but I’m very grateful he did in this case.

Cheers: I went in to pay my Nampa trash/sewer/water bill about two weeks ago. I overheard the clerk speaking with a young woman who was delinquent on her bill. The man ahead of me told the clerk he would pay the amount she owed. The clerk said she put a note on the file stating, “the balance was paid by an “angel.” This act of kindness by a complete stranger to another stranger gives me hope of the innate kindness of most human beings.

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