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Cheers to the couple who paid for our lunch at Cougar Dave’s in Donnelly during the huckleberry festival. Talk about paying it forward, there were four of us having a good time visiting, when the waitress returned my credit card & stated the table next to us had paid our $73.00 bill. We were all stunned!! Thank you both for such a wonderful surprise. Gives you hope that we can be a great nation of generosity.

Cheers to Jim Jones on banning automatic weapons. Information on how they work and what damage they do was very informative. No reason to have these unless a person is intent on doing real damage. They are certainly not for hunting.

Cheers to the Idaho Press and Jim Jones. It is so very refreshing to read intelligent information, written by a man of integrity and experience. We have so much of the opposite coming at us every day from those who close their eyes to the truth of the mess we are being led into by our federal administration. Keep it up please Mr. Jones, we need you!

Cheers to the guy in the North End who is the first person I have seen ride a e-scooter properly: wearing a helmet, on the sidewalk, and going a reasonable speed so as to warn pedestrians. This should be the norm and not the exception.

Jeers: Wondered if we would return home alive. On a simple trip from Nampa to Boise on Monday. Horrible Drivers! Speeders, tailgaters, a motorcycle weaving in and out of cars on the freeway, an SUV doing a U-turn on Fairview on 2 wheels pretty much, almost flipping over right in front of us. Had to swerve to not hit. Way too many cars that cannot wait 1 minute or less for you to pass them, they just pull out in front of you!! One car swerved around us, did not see the car stopped to turn to left, then swerved back in front of us almost hitting us twice. This is Idaho, not Calif.! Some are making Idaho unsafe for everyone!

Cheers for School beginning. Be careful and watch for kids when driving. Be more careful during drop off and pick up times, as many parents have forgotten how to drive over the summer months! Drivers are ridiculous and crazy! Lots of speeding and tailgating going on, especially in 20 mph school zones. Good Grief People! Slowing down will not kill you!

Jeers to the Nampa School District’s new grading system. You are setting all your students up for college failure. There college professor will average all low test/quiz grades into there final grade and it does matter. You are now telling your students low grades don’t matter and you don’t need to try your best until the end. Is all you are doing is trying to give them an easy way out. By saying you are giving them ownership of their grades is a big lie, they really do understand what an F means. You are giving education a bad name.

Jeers to EVERYONE who uses the words “gun violence” as if that’s a thing. People can be violent, guns can not. Don’t keep trying to punish otherwise peaceful guns and their law-abiding owners for the actions of criminals. Knee-jerk reactions to tragic events (criminal violence using guns) often make the next tragedy more likely. Keep your focus on criminals and their behavior, not on the millions of peaceful gun owners and their guns.

Cheers to Jim Jones for his courageous and well-written articles. Thanks for continuing to expect integrity and decent behavior from our leaders. Thanks for speaking out about issues that clearly need to be examined. Thanks for restoring hope that conservatism has a compass. His writing deserves a respectful, open-minded read.

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