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Jeers to the West Ada School Board. So you get the taxpayers to fund the building of a new elementary school in southeast Meridian called Hillsdale, and two years later you are 150 students over capacity. So now you want to get taxpayers to fund the building of another new elementary school to ease overcrowding. Wouldn’t it have been less burden on the taxpayers to build a larger Hillsdale elementary school to begin with? Doesn’t one large elementary school to handle growth make more sense than building two small elementary schools? Didn’t you see all the new rooftops planned?

Jeers to people who are judgmental of those who have mental health issues because God does not judge, but people do, and it is the problem in America. We are quick to judge a book by its cover without opening it, and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Cheers because America is too great to hate.

Jeers to those who complain and think they are entitled to everything but when they go overseas they come to realize how lucky they are because you see the reality.

Cheers to going overseas because I love the people and I try and learn the language and culture because it is out of respect and honoring their beliefs.

Cheers to the military because that was my way of seeing different countries and I respected their traditions and observed their ways so that I could adapt to their way of life and to honor them.

Cheers to the checkout lady at Grovers Pay & Pack Nampa. I paid cash for a small purchase and paid with a bit larger bill. She counted out the change from the ticket amount to the bill amount by pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars as is proper and as was done in the past instead of just dumping the change in my hand in a pile as has become the habit of most if not all making change. I complimented her for doing that. Don’t people know how to do that any more?

Jeers: Whoever is in charge of the mess that has been made of Highway 44 should be forced to redo it. They have taken a highway that in some places was less than 2 years old and some less than 1 year old and was smooth and in excellent condition and turned it into a bumpy rotted mess!

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