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A huge Cheer to the city of Nampa mayor Debbie Kling for her heartfelt letter towards the Hispanic community! Showing she cares and will not tolerate racism, it sure means a lot! Thank you! From a citizen of Caldwell.

Cheers from Kensington subdivision families to Birch Lane firemen, Nampa Police, to include K-9 Kyah, Mayor Debbie Kling and Amy Bowman, for visiting us on National Night Out. The kids loved getting Junior Deputy stickers, fire hats and fireman stickers. Thanks.

Jeers to the letter-writer in Thursday’s Idaho Press who opened his letter “I believe in the Second Amendment to our Constitution.” and then proceeded to recite the entire left-wing laundry-list of restrictions he wants placed on the Second Amendment, which states simply “… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Obviously, he neither believes in the Second Amendment or in the freedom it protects.

Cheers for the quick and professional reaction from the lifeguard crew at Roaring Springs park yesterday, 7/30/19. A young girl suffered a seizure while floating in the Lazy River. Her companion struggled to keep her afloat in the floating tube and a crew of four lifeguards jumped into the water to keep her afloat and pull her out to safety. Their cool heads and high caliber training certainly prevailed during a stressful time for this park visitor.

Jeers to all those that can make the terrible remarks and insinuations about President Trump and then if he remarks back he is condemned for anything that he says. Shame on all of you. Have some decency two wrongs don’t make a right!

Jeers: I just read in today’s paper, Aug 8, 2019, that a man on probation for domestic battery was charged again for domestic battery for allegedly strangling a woman. His bond was $10,000.00 . In a separate case, $50,000.00 was the bond for an unarmed woman who stole approximately$72.00 from a gas station. This same woman’s sentence was potentially life in prison. In a separate case a man was being charged with holding a gun to someone’s head, had a potential sentence of 5 years. I am totally confused by the laws in this state and the consequences

Cheers to citizens that are so caring and considerate that they do not want to offend any faction. How about a name change for the MLB Giants? That name is an affront to the genetically challenged. How about dropping the “Gi” and just call them “the Ants”? This name certainly denotes teamwork. While we’re at it, how about changing the Boise H.S. Braves to the “Bravos”? Nice name to reward those politically correct and polite players!

Jeers to Meridian’s new Discovery Park, and the recent Hillsdale park. There are many huge expensive boulders, bur not one bench for grandparents or parents to sit while supervising our charges. The Rec Dept. says its in their long term plans, but how about sooner rather than later? I am one of three grandmothers who routinely take our charges to the parks to play together, and these new destinations are disappointing and extremely tiring.

Jeers to the six cars that just had to zoom around us, as we went the 20 mph in downtown Nampa. Only for us ALL to be waiting at the same red lights ahead of us! What was their point? What is anyone’s point for speeding and not following the posted speed limits? Also jeers to tailgaters who cannot slow down fast enough, God forbid that car in front of you has to hit their breaks abruptly! Slow down, and Back off Bumper Humpers!

Jeers for so many political jeers. Do we not hear enough of this all during the week? On every TV and news channels and newspapers! Would rather hear of local non-political jeers/cheers. Just saying.

Cheers to Cottonwood Behavioral, Saint Luke’s, VA Hospital and VA clinic in Caldwell because the social workers, doctors and all the staff have given me hope because they help me in so many ways, especially depression.

Jeers to the maniac flying his plane low over the Sand Hollow area at midnight.

Jeers again to the idiot who persists in flying their plane extremely low over the Sand Hollow area at hours when normal human beings are trying to sleep.

Cheers to the men and women who serve because they are America’s finest and deserve the best America has to offer, because we as a nation need to do more for mental health and suicides of our veterans. Jeers to the lack of resources and funding for mental health because we are seeing too many people dying and homeless. Cheers to our police and paramedics who are on the front lines and in the trenches trying to save lives, but our elected officials need to do more because too many lives are being lost.

Jeers to President Trump for not getting the memo that, as a Republican, you are not allowed to criticize a minority. Their race gives them total immunity from criticism. As president, you should know that, sir. Furthermore, when you are accused of racism, you have no right to fight back. Your role is to hang your head, remain silent and lose elections with quiet dignity, like Mitt Romney and John McCain. Haven’t you heard a thing the media says?

Jeers to all of those ex-Californians who state they left California because the liberals and illegal aliens RUINED OUR STATE. As a life-long Idahoan maybe it’s that Californian ATTITUDE you bring to Idaho, not that you are from California that many life-long Idahoans detest.

Jeers to the West Ada School Board. So you get the taxpayers to fund the building of a new elementary school in southeast Meridian called Hillsdale, and two years later you are 150 students over capacity. So now you want to get taxpayers to fund the building of another new elementary school to ease overcrowding. Wouldn’t it have been less burden on the taxpayers to build a larger Hillsdale elementary school to begin with? Doesn’t one large elementary school to handle growth make more sense than building two small elementary schools? Didn’t you see all the new rooftops planned?

Cheers to Cottonwood Behavioral, Saint Luke’s, VA Hospital and VA clinic in Caldwell because the social workers, doctors and all the staff have given me hope because they help me in so many ways, especially depression.

Jeers to people who are judgmental of those who have mental health issues because God does not judge, but people do, and it is the problem in America. We are quick to judge a book by its cover without opening it, and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Cheers because America is too great to hate.

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