Cheers: Thanks to the five teenagers from Caldwell that helped Jose Gomez. I saw the post online and read the article. Thanks for re-instilling in me the youth of America. What a great story, not just to help Jose up but actually take him home and assist in cleaning him up. Then they even went further and continue to check in on him. Wow. How great these kids are. You all brought a smile and tear to my eye.

Cheers for the road crew and the work done on the railroad crossing on 11th Ave. North. The project was done in less time than stated on the road closure signs and the results are great! Instead of jarring bumps, the railroad crossing (between Birch Ave. and Ridgecrest), is now smooth and wonderful. Well done and thanks for your great work!

Jeers to the folks who hold garage sales when instead should have called for a dumpster. We dislike wasting our time and gasoline and finding one of these sales that have nothing to offer but dirty, old and worn out merchandise.

Jeers to whoever decided to up the price for the car raffle to benefit the Boys and Girls Club to $100 a piece. Wow! Way to go for cutting out any chance us regular folk have to enter the contest. Guess only those able to contribute $100 (a very large chunk to us working class) will have the opportunity to win the car. I understand only 15 tickets being sold. I would imagine that makes it much easier for the ticket sellers as well....if that is what it is supposed to be all about.

Jeers to Idaho Power for shutting off power to our area in Caldwell for most of the day on Wednesday with no heads up! My son works nights and has to sleep during the day and has to use a C-Pap machine which because of no power could not do. Don’t you think when it is a planned maintenance a little heads up for the neighborhood it is being done would be nice? I sure hope you don’t do this again!

Jeers to Alsips Funeral Chapel for Christ’s obituary on Good Friday. The marketing for the business of the bereaved in that manner was distasteful to say the least. I don’t believe Don Alsip would have approved.

Jeers to doctors who keep taking new patients when they can’t service the patients they already have. It is ridiculous to have to wait two months to get in to see a specialist especially when those kinds of referrals are for something serious.

Jeers to those that drive 45 to at least 55 mph from Northside Blvd to Winco on the Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. Am I missing something? Do I need to get Tac Glasses? You know the ones that show you the eagle or the statue of liberty on a blank screen. Do they also show a change in the speed limit signs on the boulevard? Am I just seeing 35 mph on the sign and with the glasses would I see 45-55 mph? Just wondering why you drive so fast. By the time that I catch up to you after you have passed me, you have been sitting and waiting at the stop light that is changing as I get there. Just saying.

Jeers to Tom Claycomb and his whistle pig five-fecta. To quote “I love whistle pig hunting. How can you not?” Well Tom not everyone finds joy in recreational killing and to suggest that recreational killing is a great way to start kids hunting is just plain sick. Is that really how you teach your kids to have respect for the hunt? Way to go, Tom! I’m pretty sure you and our disgraced Fish and Game commissioner Blake Fischer would get along just fine.

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