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Global warming is currently one of the most heated topics, not only nationally, but internationally as well. There has been a lot of hype regarding the "truth" whether or not global warming really exists or if it is all a hoax.

Personally, I think it is a hoax because the credibility often does not match up, and much of the information seems objective.

The topic of global warming is highly debatable, that there are 450 academic peer-reviewed journal articles inquiring the significance regarding man-made global warming (John Lott).

A lot of academics argue that higher temperatures are good, and that "temperatures increase the amount of land to grow food, increase biological diversity and improve people's health" (Lott). Another issue that is faced is that no academics want to share their research, whether or not it's confidential, but at the same time it is unclear because some agreement cannot be found, resulting in professional meteorologists being unimpressed because some countries are able to see the research data while others are not.

- Julie McCormick, College of Idaho student

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