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A joint committee meeting was held at the Statehouse last week to discuss combining most of Oregon and parts of northern California with the Gem State to create Greater Idaho. Meanwhile, legislators in the House rejected HB 354, part of the public school budget that funds teachers because of…

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Letters to the editor for May 9, 2021, including submissions from Martin Dale, Marty Kopelowitz, Michael Wilcox, Darryl Christianson, Steve Wilson, Richard Poore, Jeffrey Engelbert, David Wilson, Melissa Sue Robinson, Jacob Bower, Tom Newton, Lyle Claffin, Colene Brewer and Bill Hartman.


All letters must be submitted electronically, either through the website or via email op-ed@idahopress.com. Letters must include your full name (no initials), home address and daytime and evening telephone numbers for verification. If you have questions regarding your letter, please call (208) 465-8115 or click the button to submit it online.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for ignoring the Nampa Invitational, a PBR Bull Riding event this past weekend at the Ford Idaho Center. This was a big event that was televised nationally. The top bull riders competed. But in the Press? Not a word.


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