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CALDWELL — Sage Valley Middle School has received two threats made by students within the last eight days, according to Facebook posts from Sage Valley Middle School in Nampa.

School will remain in session Friday, following the second threat made to the middle school, according to a Facebook post by Sage Valley Middle School at about 9 a.m. Friday.

A student was overheard threatening to come to the school with the intent to do harm to students, the post read. The administrative staff said it has taken the proper steps to ensure the safety of students and staff at the middle school.

“The Caldwell Police Department is aware of the situation and we believe everyone will be safe at school today,” the Facebook post read.

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The student accused of making the threat will not be allowed back at the school until an investigation into the threat is complete, Joey Palmer, a director with the Vallivue School District, told the Idaho Press.

The first threat, made Sept. 27, prompted a police investigation, which included visiting and searching the home of the student accused of making the threat. The Facebook post said the student will not be at the school until the police and middle school have completed their investigation.

Palmer said the first investigation was completed but would not comment on the outcome. He also said he could not comment on if the two threats were made by the same student or two different students.


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