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BOISE — Several hundred people gathered Wednesday at the Idaho Capitol in support of President Donald Trump who in recent months has urged his supporters to deny the results of November’s election, which he lost.

Organized by the Idaho chapter of MAGA girl, a pro-Trump organization, Wednesday’s rally was peaceful, unlike the chaotic scene that unfolded at the nation’s Capitol. As the protesters gathered in Boise, pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol, forcing an evacuation of lawmakers, staff and journalists, as the U.S. Senate attempted to certify the electoral college votes of the presidential election.

At the Idaho Capitol, attendees listened to a web stream of Trump speaking in Washington, D.C., which was followed by in-person speeches from local Trump supporters, including Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, R-Lewiston, and Tom Munds of Caldwell, an area coordinator for the John Birch Society.

Trina Westberg, a team leader for MAGA girl, organized the rally. She told the Idaho Press the rally was meant to protest the results of the November election. Westberg repeated several false claims of election fraud that have spread throughout conservative and social media and have been shared by the president himself.

“We’re here to support our great president,” Westberg said. “We love President Trump. He’s done so much for our country.”

Von Ehlinger criticized Republicans that have not supported Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“I will never forget nor will I ever forgive the people … the traitors that stole this election,” von Ehlinger said.

Munds suggested the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization meant to facilitate peace among nations, conspired to elect Joe Biden. Munds also praised People’s Rights, a far-right, anti-government group, led by Ammon Bundy, and suggested attendees join the group.

Various election officials across the country and Trump’s then-attorney general, William Barr, have said there was no widespread fraud in the election, according to reporting from the Associated Press and multiple other outlets. Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia, key battleground states crucial to Biden’s victory, have also vouched for the integrity of their state elections. Nearly all the legal challenges from Trump and his allies have been dismissed by judges, including two tossed by the Supreme Court, which has three Trump-nominated justices.

Ryan Suppe is the Boise City Hall and Treasure Valley business reporter for the Idaho Press. Contact him at 208-344-2055 (ext. 3038). Follow him on Twitter @salsuppe.

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