Here the Top 10 Most traffic Congested Cities in the world list for you so keep updated yourself with latest happenings in the world!


San Francisco, USA

The most congested area in San Francisco is Oakland area, usually commuters face an annual average 67 hours delayed in traffic.


Manchester, UK

Manchester,the third densely populated urban areas in united kingdom.A58 Manchester in sudden is a traffic congestion prone area.


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands is known as a busy shipping capitol,it carries more than 150,000 vehicles daily.


Honolulu, USA

Honolulu,is the famous tourist destination troubles its drivers by wasting around 42 hours in traffic congestion.


Paris, France

Paris traffic is sometimes worst during rush hours,and tourists are usually made cautious beforehand,where as drivers loses up to 70 hours a year.


London, UK

London,the famous business hub is bringing disaster to the lives of people.Commuters waste their precious time and also plenty of money due to excessive fuel consumption.


Milan, Italy

City gets mostly congested during morning and evening when people usually go and come back from work.


Los Angeles, US

People in Los Angeles waste extra time and money sitting in traffic compared to other cities. For a trip of 30 minutes, the commuters usually require 3 hours to cover up.


Antwerp, Belgium

Huge traffic congestion results in wastage of money and time.Drivers usually have lost 77 hours in traffic in the previous year.

And here comes the most traffic congested city in the world!


Brussels, Belgium

According to the annual INRIX Traffic Scorecard, drivers in Brussels face the worst traffic jams in the world.This major problem has occurred because the major industries and universities are located in the main city.

What do you think who deserves the top spot in the list?

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