TikTok vandalism

This photo is an example of the restroom vandalism that’s taking place at Treasure Valley schools.

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Originally published Sept. 24 on KTVB.COM.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office isn’t happy about a new challenge sweeping TikTok that has led to kids in the Treasure Valley destroying property and trashing their schools.

The “devious licks” trend, which encourages vandalism, is currently making the rounds on the mega-popular app. According to the sheriff’s office, school bathrooms have been vandalized at middle and high schools in Kuna, Eagle and south Ada County in response.

“This trend is so stupid and destructive – so pointless — that we have no tolerance for it,” the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office said kids have ripped soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers off the wall, intentionally clogged toilets, trashed sinks, and sprayed sticky Kool-Aid concentrate — which is very difficult to clean off — around the restrooms.

School resource officers have already identified several students who are responsible, and those kids — and their parents — could face serious consequences. In a Facebook post, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office warned that parents of underage vandals could end up getting stuck with the bill for cleanup and repair.

The culprits could end up on probation for years, spend dozens of hours doing community service, get suspended from school, and be kicked out of their sports or other extracurricular activities, officials said. They are asking parents to stop the destruction before it happens by talking to their kids about what they see online — and the real-world consequences of it.

“We’re not happy about any of this. It’s just not worth it,” the sheriff’s office posted. “So if our parents and guardians out there can help us stop this before it happens, we would be incredibly grateful.”

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