Victor Dias

Even though athletics are a major part of Victor Dias’ life, he said it isn’t the physical aspect of competition he benefits from.

The Middleton High School senior loves the weight room and will likely play baseball or football in college, but said it’s not about the Xs and Os.

“A team teaches communication, resilience,” he said. “Just even in one game, there are so many things that you need to overcome to achieve success. It’s a great way for me to learn to overcome adversity and how to trust in what I’ve been taught and apply those things.”

The MHS running back and middle infielder said he will go on a Mormon mission before attending college. Montana State University, Brigham Young University, Weber State University and Lewis and Clark University have expressed interest in Dias as a running back, and the University of Utah and University of San Francisco have expressed interest in his abilities on the diamond. He said academic scholarships are also on the table — Dias sports a 4.0 GPA.

Dias is a four-year and three-year baseball and football letterman, respectively, was a co-captain of his baseball team his junior year and is a current captain of the Viking football team.

He is also the activities coordinator for his church’s seminary council and has taken online summer courses to prepare himself for college.

With success on the field and in the classroom, Dias said high school has taught him about more than just succeeding.

“I think that just like a lot of the kids in this valley and my school, I’m destined to be able to help somebody, somehow,” he said. “If I could look back and say that I’ve helped one person in any way at all, then that would be a success.”

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What is an important memory from high school so far?

“There is a year that sticks out in my mind. My sophomore year when a good friend of mine, Colton Dean Mackey, got hit in a crosswalk and died. I feel like that is one of the things that brought our town and people my age together. Something that I won’t forget from my high school experience. My favorite memory would be state semi-final against Pocatello, but that’s not as important.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

“That time (the death of his friend) was definitely a challenge, but my sophomore year I got some hernias doing some weightlifting. That’s been a hard thing to overcome because I love the weight room. Definitely one of the harder parts.”

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

“I would wish that I could be with my family and friends forever, and maybe a couple more wishes.”

If you could give a piece of advice to someone your age, what would it be?

“Understand the value of delayed gratification. The harder you work now, the easier it’s going to be in the future and the more fun you’re going to have. Make the right choices now, it will all be good.”

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