Jennifer Olson

Jennifer Olson

KUNA — Police in Kuna arrested a man on suspicion of a parole violation Thursday after they say he tried to hide in a home there before making an attempt to escape them.

Brendan Manzon, 45, of Kuna was wanted on a no-bond warrant by the Idaho Department of Correction, according to Patrick Orr, spokesman for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Police believed he was inside a home in the 1700 block of Rosedust Drive — an area where they’d also received reports of drug activity.

Not long after 1 p.m., Ada County Sheriff’s deputies caught sight of Manzon in the home, according to Orr. They surrounded the house and used a loudspeaker to demand he surrender. Manzon put his head out the window and told them he’d exit in a minute, Orr said. Moments after that, deputies saw him running out the backyard away from the house.

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A short time later, a homeowner in the 1500 block of Firebrick Drive — four houses away from the home Manzon had fled — called police and said someone was in the garage. Deputies used the code to open the garage door and found Manzon hiding inside, according to Orr.

He was arrested without further incident.

Police also arrested Jennifer Olson, 31, at the home on Rosedust Drive on suspicion of a misdemeanor probation violation.

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