Timmy Kinner in courtroom

Timmy Kinner Jr., surrounded by the defense team, appears in an Ada County courtroom on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

The mother of a 3-year-old girl who died in a Boise mass stabbing in June has filed an objection to the name-changing efforts of the man accused of her daughter’s murder.

Timmy Kinner Jr., 31, is accused of first-degree murder and assault in connection with the June 30 incident at the Wylie Street Station apartments in Boise. Police and prosecutors say he stabbed nine people, including six children. A 3-year-old victim, Ruya Kadir, died days later of her injuries.

The case has stalled because 4th District Court Judge Nancy Baskin in January found Kinner unfit to stand trial, and he is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital ward in the Idaho Maximum Security Institute.

Prior to that ruling, while still in jail, Kinner filed paperwork to begin the process of changing his name to Eternal Love. The reason, he wrote, “is because this is my God-given right and the title I want to be known and remembered by.”

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But an attorney for Ruya Kadir’s mother, Bifituu Kadir, on Tuesday filed an objection to the name change, writing it might create confusion in the civil and criminal court proceedings. Bifituu Kadir is also involved in a civil lawsuit against Kinner and the company that managed the apartment complex where the stabbing took place.

“There exists in every case a potential for confusion when following the testimony of a live witness when the subject matter of that live testimony has also been addressed in written statements,” the objection reads.In past statements and documents, Kinner was referred to by his birth name — Timmy Earl Kinner Jr. — and the risk of confusion, especially in a complex case requiring translators, was higher if he changed his name, according to the objection.

The need for correctness in future court proceedings, according to Bifituu Kadir’s objection, “eclipses whatever reason (Kinner) may have to change his name from Timmy Kinner to ‘Eternal Love.’”

A hearing in the name-change case is scheduled for Tuesday. Kinner’s criminal case is scheduled for trial in January.

Tommy Simmons is the Ada County public safety reporter for the Idaho Press. Follow him on Twitter @tsimmonsipt

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