BOISE — Boise Police arrested a woman Wednesday and charged her with injury to three children after they said she left them alone in a hot vehicle. 

At around 6:30 p.m., officers responded to a report of three children left alone in a vehicle in a parking lot on the 8200 block of West Fairview Avenue. The children, ages 11, 1 and 1 month, were in the car for about 20 minutes, according to police. The door to the car was unlocked, two windows were partially rolled down and the car was turned off. 

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The mother, identified as Sauda Cyizanye, 27, of Boise came out of the store while police waited for paramedics. Following an investigation, officers arrested her on three felony charges of injury to a child.

The children were acting normal when officers arrived but were sweating, according to police. Paramedics examined the children and released them to the custody of a family member. 


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