MIDDLETON — Just days after the Ada County Prosecutor's Office determined that Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor had not acted criminally, the Concerned Citizens of Middleton group accusing him of misconduct announced it had gathered at least the 570 signatures needed to set into motion a recall election for Taylor.

Middleton City Clerk Cindy LoPiccolo said a petition was turned in to her office Monday.

The Concerned Citizens group claims Taylor held secret meetings outside of the City Council’s authority, wasted taxpayer dollars and hired unqualified people, among other things. Taylor denies the allegations.

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The group said the more than 570 signatures — representing about 200 more people than the number who voted for Taylor — show how concerned people are about the mayor's conduct. LoPiccolo confirmed that 375 citizens voted for Taylor in the 2011 election.

The Clerk's Office has up to 15 business days to verify the signatures on the recall petition, LoPiccolo said. If 519 are deemed valid, LoPiccolo will request a special election date for recall, with the next available election date being March 12.

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