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Eagle City Hall

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EAGLE — The city of Eagle’s law firm ended its working relationship with the city earlier this year. The decision came after working with the city for more than three decades.

The law firm sent the city a letter in January, stating they are withdrawing as legal counsel. The letter stated they were withdrawing and used the Idaho Rules of Professional conduct to explain why.

MSBT Law, based in Boise, wrote to the city that continuing to represent them could break the professional conduct rules or other laws.

KTVB asked how continuing to represent the city could violate these rules or other law, but the law firm wouldn’t specifically say, citing attorney-client privilege.

The other rule cited in the letter says the client, or the city, in this case, wants to take action the firm finds to be ‘repugnant’ or they have a fundamental disagreement with.

A shareholder with the firm, Cherese McLain, told KTVB it wasn’t one single thing, but rather a culmination of many things that caused the working relationship to come to an end.

KTVB reached out to the city for comment, and a spokesperson said they have no comment.

After being told ‘no comment’ over the phone by the spokesperson, KTVB sent a crew to city hall to try to talk to the mayor directly. KTVB was once again told the city didn’t have a comment.

Following that, KTVB tried to call each one of the council members and mayor. None answered or returned calls.

The letter that was sent to the city by the law firm was posted on the social media app Nextdoor this week.

KTVB called Shaakirrah Sanders, a law professor at the University of Idaho. She said the letter did raise some eyebrows, mainly because of one of the rules that was cited.

She said while it is interesting the rule that reads, “The client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant or with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement,” it could simply mean the law firm had a conflict of interest on a case the city was involved in.

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