Timmy Kinner in courtroom

Timmy Kinner appears in an Ada County courtroom on Sept. 5.

BOISE — A judge has found Boise’s mass stabbing suspect unfit to stand trial, the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday.

The suspect, Timmy Kinner Jr., faces a first-degree murder charge and 12 other felonies in connection with the stabbing of nine people on June 30 at a Boise apartment complex. A 3-year-old victim died of her injuries.

At a court hearing in December, attorneys said a psychiatrist who evaluated Kinner had found him unfit to stand trial. Only a judge can rule on a defendant’s mental competency, however.

In two recent hearings that were closed to the public, 4th District Judge Nancy Baskin heard evidence related to Kinner’s mental health.

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Baskin not only found him unfit to stand trial, she found him dangerously mentally ill, according to her order. "Dangerously mentally ill" is a legal status in Idaho requiring commitment to the state's nine-bed mental health ward at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution near Kuna. Doctors there will treat him and work to restore his mental competency for trial.

Once his competency is restored and doctors are satisfied he can understand the court proceedings, he will return to court to face the charges filed against him.

Kinner’s trial was tentatively put on the calendar for January 2020. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Editor's note - This story has been updated from its original form the reflect the following correction: Timmy Kinner, Jr. will be held at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution. Previous versions of the story included inaccurate information.

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