Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade

Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade is pictured with his grandson Colton. Cade was injured in an alleged attack while riding his bike in Meridian Wednesday. He was expected to be released from a local hospital Sunday.

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NAMPA — Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade was expected to be released from the hospital Sunday after he was attacked in an alleged violent rampage in Meridian Wednesday.

Nampa Fire Deputy Chief Doug Strosnider said Cade will continue to rest at home while the swelling in his face subsides.

After that, surgeons will determine what the next step is. It appears Cade will need numerous plates and screws in his entire face, Strosnider said. Cade also suffered significant damage to his mouth and teeth in addition to a collapsed lung, a broken rib, a broken collar bone and a fractured scapula.

The Cade family expressed gratitude to the community for its support and the support of the Nampa Fire Department and other local fire departments

“Everybody is just still in shock,” Cade’s daughter Samantha Fontenot, 22, told the Idaho Press-Tribune. “It’s just unbelievable getting a call from my mom saying he had been hit or been in a bike accident, going to find out there’s a guy on a rampage in Meridian.”

Cade, a 16-year veteran of the Nampa Fire Department, was riding his bicycle near Tully Park when the alleged attack occurred. A bystander found Cade unconscious.

Meridian Police arrested 23-year-old Sean Daniel Carnell on numerous misdemeanor and felony charges including robbery, cruelty to animals and battery with intent to commit a serious felony.

Meridian Deputy Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea said investigators suspect Carnell attacked a 15-year-old boy, stole the boy’s skateboard, kicked a dog, struck a construction worker with a shovel, broke into an apartment, assaulted a woman, tipped over a man in a wheelchair and broke windows in a house during the rampage.

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