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The Idaho Humane Society and Kuna Police Department rescued 77 dogs, small animals and exotic animals on Thursday and is looking for other potential animals from the same home.

The humane society believes the owner temporarily rehomed several cats, dogs and exotic animals earlier on Sept. 16 because of a water and sewer leak, according to a news release. The society asked for anyone caring for a pet matching the circumstance of the case to call 208-343-3166.

“We believe that many of these animals were acquired through Craigslist or Facebook,” the release said. “We urge caution when rehoming pets online and to please consider asking several questions along with checking identification.”

One of the eight dogs, a great dane puppy, was diagnosed with parvo. The Humane Society is treating her and “testing and quarantining the other dogs removed from the residence.” The society plans to adopt out the dogs after they have been quarantined and vaccinated.

All of the exotic animals are now at exotic-specialty animal rescues in the state.

The full list of rescued animals is extensive.

The Idaho Humane Society rescued eight dogs, two hedgehogs, two guinea pigs, one hamster, eight rats and six mice, two of which were dead. They also rescued six boa constrictors, four pythons, four corn snakes, one sunbeam snake and one additional snake. The owner also relinquished 17 lizards; four monitors, four geckos, two tegu, two skinks, one legless lizard, one bearded dragon, one egg eater, one agama and a tortoise. There were also seven tarantulas, one of which was dead, five quail, two frogs, one crab, one scorpion and one quaker parrot.

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