Trapper's Island

A rendering of the proposed Trapper’s Island development, which would include over 300 condominiums between Kathryn Albertson Park and the Boise River.

Earlier this summer, BoiseDev reported an abnormal situation: dueling appeals for a project.

Jayo Construction and WHPacific asked to build 304 condos along the Boise River Greenbelt near Kathryn Albertson Park. To execute their plan, they requested the buildings rise to a height of 79 feet. But the limit for the zoning of that parcel is 45 — leading to an application for a height exception.

Joe Scott and his daughter Jamie Jo Scott are two heirs of the Albertson family — and they both live along Houston Road, with a view over Kathryn Albertson Park. They did not like the height of the project, and asked the Planning and Zoning Commission to limit it to 45 feet.

In a compromise of sorts, Planning and Zoning held the project to 63 feet. But that didn’t make either party happy — leading to the dueling appeals.

Ultimately, the decision went to the city council members, who had an extensive back and forth.

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“This is one of those places in our city that is really special. The park is a jewel. This parcel is so unique,” Council President Lauren McLean said. “We need to grow our housing. We know we are many homes short. And we need to do that as close to the downtown core as possible — which means dense and up, so our residents can live near where they work.”

“The decision is pretty easy for me,” Councilman Scot Ludwig said. “I think this is the wrong project for this location. In my opinion, it has to be the existing height limitation.”

In the end, Ludwig lost to his fellow councilors. They voted 5-1 to approve the project at 70 feet, with a list of potential design adjustments.

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