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If you were walking in downtown Boise Saturday, you might have confused the day for Halloween. No, you’re not crazy, it is still August.

Hundreds of Boise cyclists cruised onto the steps of the Idaho State Capital Building for the annual Goathead Festival, donned in their craziest costumes, to take on the menace that is the goathead plant.

Tribulus terrestris — the scientific name for goatheads — is an invasive species that produces up to 5,000 horned nutlets per plant, often dominating local ecosystems and reducing native biodiversity. The nutlets tear cyclists’ tires.

Leading up to the festival, participants were challenged to remove 8,000 pounds of goathead plants.

On Saturday, Boise residents swept through downtown, celebrating local bike culture in the annual Freak Bike Show and Pedal-Powered Parade. The event raised money for local cycling nonprofits including the Boise Bicycle Project.

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