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A former Saint Alphonsus employee intends to plead guilty to two out of the 10 charges she was indicted on for wire fraud.

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BOISE — A Homedale woman accused of stealing nearly $1.5 million from her old employer, Saint Alphonsus Health System, intends to plead guilty to two of the 10 charges she was indicted on, according to court documents.

Lois Soito, 60 at the time of her indictment in August, worked for Saint Al’s for 22 years. From about 2005 until January 2019, she was accused of devising a “scheme to defraud (Saint Al’s) to obtain money and property,” according to a copy of a Rule 11 Plea Agreement. A grand jury indicted Soito on 10 counts of wire fraud in August.

Police and prosecutors believed Soito took cash from the Festival of Trees, claiming she would deposit it into the proper bank account. Instead, according to an August news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, she is accused of keeping the money for herself, while she “substituted miscellaneous checks for the deposit.” Court documents claim she stole from the Festival of Trees from at least 2014 to 2018 and during that time received over $240,000 in proceeds.

Some of the checks she collected, she said she deposited them into the Employee Support Team account. Police and prosecutors claimed she then wrote checks to herself from that account, which resulted in over $750,000 in proceeds, according to the agreement.

A copy of a Rule 11 Plea Agreement states Soito plans to plead guilty to two of the 10 charges, which are wire fraud and asset forfeiture.

A hearing has not been set for the guilty plea, which will have to accepted by a judge. The plea agreement also states Soito has agreed to pay over $1.4 million in damages to Saint Al’s.

Soito could face a minimum of 20 years in prison for each charge.

Emily Lowe is the Canyon County public safety reporter. Follow @EmLoweJourno on Twitter

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