EAGLE — Kymberlee Larsen’s celebration of life Saturday epitomized what her family said was one of her most admirable traits — love.

“She was just really a kind person. She never wanted to judge anybody. She never wanted to talk about anything negative,” said Chelsea Larsen, Kymberlee’s sister. “She was just very intuitive, empathetic and, overall, a really loving person.”

Kymberlee Larsen, 22, of Nampa was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Evan C. Basir, 29, of Meridian on March 27. The same incident left Larsen’s sister, Chelsea, and mother, Julianna Flowers, injured and requiring surgery. Basir was shot to death once police arrived.

Chelsea and Flowers were hospitalized, but both have since been released and were in attendance at Kymberlee’s celebration of life.

The remembrance of Kymberlee, mother to a 2-month-old son, focused on her vibrant, loving personality.

Food. Fun. Games. Music. This was the best way to remember such a positive person, her family said. It was fittingly entitled “KymFest” as a tribute to her love to attend festivals.

“I just wanted it to embody her spirit, and that’s who she was,” Chelsea said. “And I think we did a pretty good job of it, but thanks to all of our community. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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“This is exactly what Kym would have wanted,” she said of the event that drew in more than 200, many of whom were relatives. “It’s looking back on her life and realizing she had a purpose here and this was it — to really bring people together here and to show them what unconditional love is. That’s her spirit. She’s still with us. She’s our angel, and always has been.”

Happy-go-lucky. Free-spirited. Always put everyone first. That’s how Kymberlee’s brother, Ben Carrillo, described his sister.

“We tried to keep the event very positive because that’s what she wanted,” he said. “She wouldn’t have wanted people to be unhappy and crying about her. She wanted people to be happy all the time.

“She always had a smile on her face. Everyone that remembers her always remembers her beautiful smile and her positive spirit. So, we wanted to kind of capture that feeling,” Carillo said.

He said she was also a great mother. Larsen and Bashir had a 2-month-old son together named Donovan. He, along with two other children, were present during the attack but were unharmed.

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A GoFundMe was created to help pay for the family’s living costs, her son Donovan’s care, Chelsea’s medical expenses and Kymberlee’s funeral. As of publication, the account is a little more than halfway toward its goal of $20,000.

“It’s just a lot of love. A lot of love. Everyone’s welcome. In the midst of a tragedy we pulled together to show the good that comes out of everything. That’s what Kym was,” said George Larsen, Kymberlee’s uncle. He was one of 10 of her aunts and uncles from the Larsen side in attendance, some traveling from as far as southern California and Washington for the event.


Larsen and Bashir were living together in Meridian, Carrillo said. The couple began having problems when Bashir stopped coming home at nights, he said. They decided to take a break. A week before the incident, Larsen’s family helped her move into her sister, Chelsea Larsen’s, Nampa home, where her mother Julianna Flowers also lived.

Carrillo said the family never had concerns that Bashir would commit a violent act, though explained that the family did not care for him that much. Though he was nice, Carrillo said he was odd. No one from the family heard from Bashir the entire week Larsen was living at her sister’s home, and he said the family figured Bashir must be happy that they were separated.

But Carrillo said Bashir must have been planning during that quiet period. He waited until Chelsea Larsen’s husband left for work on March 27 and then broke into the house.

“We didn’t think he had the ability to do that,” he said. “It was out of the blue.”

Larsen died from her injuries sustained by the stabbing on the way to the hospital, according to a Canyon County Sheriff’s Office press release from March. Chelsea Larsen and Flowers also sustained serious injuries.

Three children were there and unharmed during the incident.

The oldest child to witness the tragedy was 3 years old, according to Carrillo. Larsen’s son, Donovan, was also there during the incident. Carrillo said Bashir was looking for Donovan following the break-in. Flowers, who was in a room with Larsen’s son, heard loud sounds and exited the door to which she was stabbed by Bashir. Carrillo said she blockaded the door Donovan was in.

Bashir was shot and killed by a Nampa Police officer responding to the house on the 7500 block of Edgebrook Drive in Nampa following multiple 911 calls reporting a disturbance.

Photos and videos are being compiled so her son, Donovan, can remember his mom as the happy person she was.

“We are keeping her in our hearts,” Carrillo said.

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