After the air conditioning unit failed at a hotel where Interfaith Sanctuary houses many of its guest, the shelter did a social media callout for supplies to build do-it-yourself cooling units.

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BOISE — It seems like it’s always the hottest days when an air conditioner fails.

That was the case this week at the hotel shelter where Interfaith Sanctuary houses more than 100 guests, including families with children, seniors and “our most medically fragile,” a sanctuary news release said. According to a Facebook post from Interfaith Sanctuary Executive Director Jodi Peterson-Stigers, the A/C went out a few days ago. It couldn’t have picked a worse time with a potentially record-setting stretch of 100-plus degree days in the forecast.

“Our guests’ rooms were affected, and the heat was causing discomfort while also creating very real health concerns for certain guests,” the release said.

But after Interfaith Sanctuary staffers publicized their plight on social media, the community came to the rescue with enough supplies to build 60 do-it-yourself air conditioning units to lower the temperature in the rooms.

“The hotel’s staff is working hard to get the AC repaired, but there is a delay on the parts needed to fix the units. So as we do in any crisis, our staff brainstormed and we were able to come up with a temporary fix,” the release said. The A/C is expected to be repaired Monday, the Facebook post said.

The DIY project involved finding 60 plastic containers with lids, 90-degree PVC elbows and fans. The containers were then filled with ice to circulate cool air throughout the rooms. Albertsons delivered 480 bags of ice to the hotel for use with the contraptions.

Interfaith Sanctuary staffers also were able to source 12 mini, portable air conditioning units for their most medically fragile guests, the release said.

Interfaith Sanctuary staffers and guests worked most of Thursday night until nearly midnight to build the DIY AC units.

“Thanks to the love and support of our community, Interfaith Sanctuary was able to provide some cooling relief for the guests staying at our hotel shelter,” Peterson-Stigers said in an email.

To help the shelter with donations, call 208-345-5815.

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