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BOISE — A new survey about growth in the Treasure Valley from the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho indicates respondents are looking for managed growth, housing affordability and a healthy environment as the communities around them continue to expand.

More than 3,000 people responded to COMPASS’s “Where do we grow from here?” survey, which asked what respondents’ living values were and their preferred scenario among four options of how the Treasure Valley could grow over the next decades.

Popular priorities were access to outdoor recreation, managed growth and a vital economy, and having an affordable place to live. After the values were ranked by the number of times those responses were ranked in the top five, the respondents’ aggregated top five looked like this:

Growth management, the top priority for 65% of respondents

Affordability, the top priority for 59% of respondents

Environmental health, the top priority for 52% of respondents

Outdoor lifestyle, the top priority for 59% of respondents

Economic vitality, the top priority for 54% of respondents

Of the four growth scenarios presented, nearly half of the respondents said they preferred a growth policy that would either include adding more housing choices where services already existed, or providing more housing near a light rail system.

The COMPASS survey also determined that very few Treasure Valley residents see letting growth continue without a more specific plan as a viable option. A third of respondents said that simply letting suburban development continue apace would be their least desirable option for the valley’s future.

The results of the survey can be found online at

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