Nampa shooting scene

A fatal shooting at the intersection of 11th Avenue North and Powell Avenue in Nampa, is under investigation by the Nampa Police Department, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018.

CALDWELL — A woman whose charges were previously dropped in relation to a 16-year-old’s robbery and murder is again facing charges related to the crime.

Previously, 42-year-old Maribel Menchaca’s robbery and first-degree murder charges were dismissed in the case of Roberto Gomez, who was shot multiple times the night of Sept. 25. Prosecutors refiled charges against her at the end of May. She was summoned to appear in court on charges of felony aiding and abetting robbery, battery and persistent violator. Menchaca is one of eight suspects charged with crimes related to Gomez’s robbery and murder.

Police had responded to a fight Sept. 25 near Powell Avenue and 11th Avenue North a few hours before the homicide but couldn’t locate any victims or suspects, according to an affidavit provided by the Canyon County Courthouse.

Menchaca’s charges stem from the earlier fight where, according to a probable cause affidavit, she went to Gomez’s residence to “back up her son.” She is accused of aiding and abetting others in taking, by force, money, drugs, a gun, a watch and a gold chain from Gomez. She is also charged with battery on accusations she “unintentionally and unlawfully” touched Gomez by grabbing his necklace, pulling it off him and striking him with it, according to a criminal complaint.

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Her next court appearance is set for Aug. 2.

Menchaca’s 16-year-old son, Juan Menchaca Olvera, was found guilty in May by a jury of first-degree murder and robbery of Gomez. His sentencing is set for Aug. 19.

Several suspects in the case have pleaded guilty to charges relating to the robbery and murder of Gomez. Those include:

  • Gabriel Hernandez Olivo, 17, who is being sentenced Aug. 19, pleaded guilty to three felony charges including accessory to willfully conceal or harbor a felon, witness intimidation and destruction of evidence
  • Jose Menchaca, 18, who is set to be sentenced July 16, pleaded guilty to perjury,
  • Olivia Hernandez, 36, who is set to be sentenced Sept. 10, pleaded guilty to witness intimidation.

Emily Lowe is the Canyon County public safety reporter. Follow @EmLoweJourno on Twitter

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