Demeter Bio-Resources Chief Operating Officer Sot Chimonas points to the area where the company hopes to get a conditional use permit to build an ethanol plant as part of a food processing facility in Caldwell. Wednesday, April 29, 2015 (Greg Kreller/IPT)

The Canyon County Commissioners denied a conditional use permit for an ethanol facility proposed for outside of Caldwell.

The ethanol plant is part of a food processing facility Demeter Bio-Resources had planned for 19560 Lower Pleasant Ridge Road. The plant would convert barley grain and Demeter’s proprietary crop, SunSpud tubers, into fuel through a fermentation and distillation process.

The current zoning on the property allows for the food processing facility, but a conditional use permit is required for the ethanol plant. The county Planning and Zoning Commission denied the permit after coming to a tied vote, and Demeter appealed the permit denial to the county commissioners.

The commissioners voted 2-1 to uphold the permit's denial. Commissioners Craig Hanson and Tom Dale voted to uphold the denial and Commissioner Steve Rule voted not to.

The commissioners had tabled their decision to Tuesday's meeting after listening to hours of testimony from people opposed to the facility at a meeting in April.

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