Ammon Bundy

Ammon Bundy

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BOISE — The Caldwell School District has banned Ammon Bundy from district property and school-sponsored events unless he gets authorization from administration first.

The “no-trespassing order” stems from a football game between the Emmett Huskies and Caldwell Cougars at Caldwell High School on Oct. 2.

Bundy came to the game to watch his sons, who play for Emmett, and refused to wear or a mask or leave the property when he was asked by school officials and police.

Bundy was not arrested but the incident ended with the football game being canceled at half-time.

Tuesday night, the Caldwell school board voted unanimously to ban Bundy from the district’s property or sponsored events for the remainder of the school year.

The vote also allows district officials to ban anyone else who violates the district’s health and safety protocols.

“Simply put, in the judgment of the Board, your recent conduct on school property, your deliberate refusal to abide by the District’s health and safety measures during the COVID pandemic and refusal to comply with the directives of the school’s administrators was unacceptable and put the health and safety of our students, personnel and patrons at risk,” states the order, which will be sent to Bundy in the from of a letter.

KTVB spoke to Bundy over the phone on Monday about the proposal. He said that he would ignore the order, if passed.

In a text message, Bundy said, in part: “I guess the next time I go to my children’s games at Caldwell I will find out. If I’m thrown out maybe I will come back with hundreds of people and they can try and throw us all out. Caldwell School District was wrong and should let it go. They actually should apologize to the players, coaches and fans, including me. Not even the Southwest District Health has mandated masks.”

The order cites Idaho Code 33-512 in prohibiting “any conduct on district premises or at school sponsored-events that is deemed to be disruptive to the educational process or detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning or discipline of students.”

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