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Casey and Kim Richardson hug Kim’s sister Andrea Friesen, center, after Friesen delivered the couple’s twins on Dec. 27.

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Andrea Friesen of Nampa said three of the hardest phone calls she’s ever had to make were to call her younger sister, Kim Richardson, each time she got pregnant.

Friesen had three successful pregnancies. During those years, Richardson and her husband, Casey, longed to have children but faced painful infertility hurdles and miscarriages.

“It’s hard to see these guys want that so badly and try and not get that — when it has been so easy for me,” Friesen said.

So, Friesen and her husband, Dan, made a proposal: What if Andrea carried the baby for Kim and Casey?

A few years after that initial offer, Friesen became pregnant with the Richardsons’ twins. The babies were born in Boise two days after Christmas. Richardson, a labor and delivery nurse, was able to stand alongside the doctor and deliver one of the babies.

“That’s my son,” Richardson remembers thinking. “I just caught my son.”

Their doctor, Dr. Bryan Hodges, said he’s never seen a surrogate mother carry for her sister before. It has been a privilege, he said, to be part of the family’s story.

“The difficulties they’ve been through and the sisterhood, it was just kind of a cool little miracle,” Hodges said.

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