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BOISE — The Boise Police Department is investigating multiple incidents after fights broke out during protests on the steps of City Hall Tuesday night, and are currently looking for three people.

“At this time, there are multiple investigations underway with several charges possible, most of which are misdemeanors,” according to a news release the department sent Thursday.

"At this point, there have been two victims who have made reports but based on video evidence a few additional incidents are under investigation," department spokeswoman Haley Williams wrote in an email to the Idaho Press. 

The possible charges could include disturbing the peace and battery — both violations of state statute — and fighting, which is illegal under city code. Officers also are aware of incidents captured on video and posted social media in which people have not come forward to talk with police, according to the release. Officers encourage anyone who feels they were the victim of a crime to come forward.

“Detectives are currently looking into reports involving people on both sides of the protests and charges are possible for criminal acts committed by individuals across the spectrum from all sides of the protest,” the release reads. “BPD Investigators are working to identify a number of individuals who may have knowledge of specific incidents occurring during Tuesday night’s event.”

Anyone with information about the three suspects shown in the pictures associated with this story can call Ada County Dispatch at 208-377-6790, or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-2677, or go to

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