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BOISE — The deadline for two Ada County property tax exemptions is fast approaching.

June 15 is the final day for property owners to file for the Circuit Breaker Property Tax Reduction and the Veterans Property Tax Reduction. Those two exemptions are targeted toward senior citizens and disabled veterans who were injured in service. Both deadlines were extended from April 15 because of COVID-19.

Both tax reductions offer potential savings up to $1,320 to low-income and elderly residents or to those who are getting 100% compensation from the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Rachel Gonnoud, the assistant administrative supervisor at the Ada County Assessor’s Office, said her office was available to respond to phone calls, walk-ins and folks browsing through information on the assessor’s office’s website at, or call them at (208) 287-7200 or go to the physical office at 190 E. Front St #107 in Boise.

“Currently the homeowner can call us or we have (applications) online,” Gonnoud said. “We’re a little close to the deadline, so we’re no longer mailing them out, but they can still mail them as long as they have a post date mark of June 15, or they can email, fax or walk them to the office.”

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