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The Ada County Highway District is looking to hire a full-time ADA coordinator. The job in part would involve checking construction zones for any accessibility violations.

GARDEN CITY — The Ada County Highway District Commission directed staff Wednesday night to begin searching for a full-time accessibility coordinator.

ADA regulations require that each entity have a coordinator, district counsel Scott Spears told the commission. The district only has a part-time ADA coordinator, but Spears said the growing population of the county commands a full-time position.

The job would pay $58,000 to $72,000 a year, ACHD Director Bruce Wong said. The coordinator would help handle complaints, work with staff to ensure repairs are in compliance, and evaluate construction zones for any potential ADA violations.

“Really their role are too review applicable federal laws,” Spears said, “and to make sure our operations are in compliance with those regulations and laws.”

While Wong originally said the candidate selected would have either a law degree or be an engineer, commissioners Sara Baker, Jim Hansen and Rebecca Arnold said they did not believe that’s necessary.

“I would just hate to pass up hiring a great person because they don’t have a specific degree,” Arnold, the commission president, said.

She added that ADA compliance is a top priority for the commission.

“It needs to be the right person,” she said. “Compliance is very important.”

ACHD worked with a consultant that conducted a review of the agency and found it could use more staff working on accessibility, Spears said.

The ADA Transition Plan approved in April called for three additional staff members to work on accessibility. This would be the first of those three.

There is no hiring timeline at this point, Spears said. Staff is working on a job description, which will be brought before the commission when it is finished.

ACHD has an ADA Advisory Committee, which Hansen suggested commissioners consult about this position.

Jeremy Maxand, an ADA Advisory Committee member, said in an email that the committee has not yet been consulted, and no one from the commission has been encouraged to apply.

Xavier Ward covers Ada County for The Idaho Press. You can follow him on Twitter at @XavierAWard.

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