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NAMPA — Sixty-five cats were removed from a Nampa residence May 23 after police received a complaint regarding the animals’ welfare and the resident who lived there.

Jeanette Rhea Elliott, 64, the homeowner, was cited for 30 counts of animal cruelty, all of which are misdemeanor offenses.

Nampa police said animal control officers attempted to make contact with Elliott on May 22, but she wasn’t at her home in the 16100 block of North Franklin Boulevard, according to a department release issued Monday.

The next day, they returned with patrol officers and members of the West Valley Humane Society to remove all cats due to “the conditions inside of the residence.”

Thirty of the 65 cats — which varied in age, injury and illness — had to be euthanized after they were seen by a veterinarian, police said. In addition to the live animals, 91 deceased cats also were removed from the property.

Police said the remaining 35 cats are in protective custody pending Elliott’s legal proceedings. No additional information was available.

“Due to the large number of cats taken in, if anyone feels compelled to assist West Valley animal shelter with the care of these animals, a donation can be made directly to the shelter,” police said in the Monday release.

Olivia Heersink is the Canyon County public safety reporter. You can reach her at, or by calling 208-465-8178. Follow her on Twitter @heersinkolivia.

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