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State Rep. Brandon Hixon, R-Caldwell, has resigned, effective immediately, according to Idaho Speaker of the House Scott Bedke. 

"I hope that my efforts have helped improve the lives of my constituents in District 10, as well as all Idahoans," Hixon said in his letter of resignation. "I will never forget all of my colleagues that I very much enjoyed working side by side with to make Idaho a better place for all."

Hixon, 36, had previously confirmed through his attorney that he is under investigation by law enforcement, although no arrests or charges have been filed.

Neither Caldwell police nor his attorney would clarify what the investigation pertains to. 

"Rep. Hixon has not been charged with a crime. We are aware of an ongoing investigation," said Gabe McCarthy, Hixon's attorney, in an email statement to the Idaho Press-Tribune on Wednesday. 

Nampa Republicans Brent Crane, Christy Perry and Gary Collins declined to comment on Hixon's resignation.

Bedke and Crane explained that per Idaho statute, the District 10 central committee has 15 days to select and rank a list of three nominees for Hixon's seat to send to the governor. The governor will then have an additional 15 days to interview the candidates and appoint a replacement.

Hixon was first elected to the Idaho House of Representatives in 2012, defeating Democratic challenger and Vallivue teacher Travis Manning, whom he also defeated in 2014. Hixon won again in 2016 against challenger Jeremy Lopett.

During the 2017 legislative session, he served on the Business, Health and Welfare, and Transportation and Defense committees.

The Idaho Press-Tribune previously reported that Hixon received five misdemeanors before age 21, which he had referred to as "youthful indiscretions."

“I own all this and have made some poor decisions in the past, but I am ready to move forward. Obviously I’ve changed. I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in now if I hadn’t," Hixon told the Idaho Press-Tribune in 2012

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Nicole Foy covers Canyon County and Hispanic affairs. You can reach her at 208-465-8107 and follow her on Twitter @nicoleMfoy

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