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BOISE — Next week, Idaho businesses will receive notices of an unemployment insurance tax increase, but if Gov. Brad Little has his way, lawmakers will reverse that when they return to town in January for the legislative session.

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Backup quarterback Jack Sears has left the Boise State football program, and according to a report, will be entering the transfer portal with one year of eligibility remaining.

BOISE — Both co-chairmanships of the joint committee that sets the state budget will now be held by lawmakers from Nampa, after Sen. Jeff Agenbroad, R-Nampa, was appointed to the Senate co-chairmanship on Tuesday.

CALDWELL — After 24 years, and a month of uncertainty leading up to a runoff election, Caldwell will have a new mayor. Jarom Wagoner routed John McGee in Tuesday’s runoff.

Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which bars transgender women and girls from competing on collegiate and K-12 women’s and girls sports teams, hasn’t been active for over a year while it’s being challenged in court. Now, the law’s defenders are pushing a federal district court to unfre…

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NAMPA — When the Amalgamated Sugar factory, which processes sugarbeets into sugar, opened in Nampa in 1942, the factory was well outside of city limits. Today, though many local residents drive by the factory on Northside Boulevard or Karcher Road, company officials are consciously working o…

Idaho State Highway 55 between Smiths Ferry and Round Valley Road will remain closed another 7-10 days, depending on weather, according to the Idaho Transportation Department. The highway was originally slated to be closed through Monday because of a rockslide, but that closure has been extended.

BOISE — The two legal challenges to Idaho’s new legislative redistricting plan that have been filed in the Idaho Supreme Court thus far both focus on the fact that the plan splits eight counties, arguing that that’s unconstitutional because it would be possible to split just seven.

MANKATO, Minnesota — Charlie Kirk stood 80 miles from where George Floyd was murdered, faced an overwhelmingly white audience, and declared he was going to say things “no one dares say out loud.”