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The Idaho Press partnered with the League of Women Voters to conduct candidate surveys for the May 19 primary. You may also search for your ballot items by address, at Candidates were responsible for grammar and spelling, and answers were limited to 500 characters.  

U.S. House District 2

Uncontested primaries: 

  • Libertarian: Idaho Sierra Law, Pocatello
  • Constitution Party: Pro-Life, Emmett
  • Democrat: C Aaron Swisher, Boise

Republican primary:

Name: Kevin Rhoades, Boise

Name: Mike Simpson, Boise (no response)

Q: 1. What experience has prepared you to represent Idaho in the U. S. House of Representatives?

Kevin Rhoades: I grew up in Idaho and I know what it means to Keep Idaho Free and conservative. I am an Idaho business owner for over 20 years, retired professional athlete, 2018 Republican Party District 17 Nominee for Idaho State Representative. Director for The March For Trump Team, conservative speaker throughout the Pacific N.W.

I have a proven history as an Idaho coservative and I am the only political candidate/figure in Idaho that is actvely speaking about the issues that really matter to Idahoans.

Q: 2. What would you like to accomplish as a member of Congress?

Kevin Rhoades: I would like to help end abortion in the United States. I would like to work together with a majority house and help put and end to illegal immigration. This will be accomplished by helping the current adminsitration finish building our wall. We will support I.C.E. and we will also be focusing on our forgotten Northern borders. End the massive refugee ressettlement industry. This will be accomplished in tandem with ending the forever wars. We will help defend our president from false charges.

Q: 3. Should the government be doing more to secure our elections, and to investigate and prevent interference by foreign governments? Explain

Kevin Rhoades: I believe in voter I.D. and will challenge any false narrative countering this necessity. Our election process has been jeapordized and we need to secure our elections from the democrats and from fraudulant voters that the democrat party, as well as Idaho RINO republicans have fought and advocated for throughout the years. The weight of the voter fraud in the United States comes from illegal immigrants and visa abuses. We need to replace republicans that act in name only..No more RINO's

Q: 4. Please explain where you see opportunities for Democrats and Republicans to find common ground on the serious issues facing our country.

Kevin Rhoades: The best opportunity, and the plan is to help the Trump Administration and the republican party take back the U.S. House of Representatives. That is why I need your help. I need your vote to replace Mike Simpson who has been outspokenly critical of the current president, administration, and the first famly. While my opponent claims to not pay attention nor care what the administration is doing, I will help our administration by working within a majority Republican House of Representatives.

Q: 5. What, if any, steps would you take in reforming immigration policies?

Kevin Rhoades: Build a wall, deport all non citizen criminals, including dui's, support Ice, officers and provide much needed aid to our border agents. I support strong protected borders. I will work hard to push serious and strong immigration reform that limits the number of immigrants and refugees that can legally enter our country. Only those that are vetted, screened, and go through the legal process should be allowed to enter. I will help END Illegal Immigration

Q: 6. What role should the federal government play in America's health care system?

Kevin Rhoades: I believe in a free market. Government has no role in providing health care. The government has a proven history of making things worse

I will do everything in my power to expand insurance plans and bring down healthcare costs.

Q: 7. How do you see climate change affecting Idaho's agricultural and urban communities?

Kevin Rhoades: Climate Change is a hoax. Climate change is an opportunity for the Democrat party to raise taxes and control industries through costly regulations and impossible barriers. I will help our Idaho agricultural communities by defending Idaho industries from costly and damaging regulations

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